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Car seat latches

Car Seat Latches

Car Seats can be hard and frustrating to install. The straps and harnesses make it very confusing! However, most vehicles after Sept, 2002 are equipped with a latch system. Latch means Lower Anchors and Tethers for children. It is really the equipment to allow car seats to connect easily and safely inside your vehicles. With a car seat latch system you don’t have to wrestle with a shoulder, lap belt of your car. You just have to clip a couple of hooks and you are done. Unfortunately, 80% of seats are installed incorrectly.

The latch system is the safest method to attach the seat to the middle of the back seat and is better than the safety belts. However, latches in most cars before 2008 are not designed to be used in a vehicle in the back seat. In fact, if you look at your car you may notice that the latches are too far apart to be able to place the seat in the middle. The tether is a strap made of the seat belt material with a clip. It attaches to the clips on the seat and secures front facing seats in case of an accident.

Rear-facing car seats must have lower Latch attachments. Other seats like forward facing and convertible must have lower Latch attachments and also have a top tether strap. Convertible seats are designed to work in both rear and forward positions. When you are installing your seat makes sure that:

-you feed the seat belt through the guides.
-pull out the slack.
-switch into the retractable mode.

The latch system does not recommend a specific brand of safe car seat and you don’t have to get a latch equipped seat in place of an old one. This system is designed as an alternative for parents. However, the U.S. is the first country to adopt the universal, uniform anchor system. The standard includes the Lower Anchors and Tethers system. This is not only great for parents but caregivers too! You can be sure that your seat is installed securely.

Make sure you check your vehicle and if you are buying a new car make sure it can take the Latch system.  It is important to know that our children are being protected. The U.S. has the right idea and now the rest of the world needs to catch up.

China baked foods mfg

China Baked Foods Mfg. Industry Profile – CIC141 — Aarkstore Enterprise

Through a comparative analysis on the development of baked foods mfg. industry in 31 provincial regions and 20 major cities in visualized form of data map, the report provides key data and concise analyses on the baked foods mfg. industry in China, a list of top 20 enterprises in the sector as well as the comparison on investment environment in top 10 hot regions. In addition, the report truly reflects the position of foreign enterprises in baked foods mfg. industry across China based on a comprehensive comparison of operating conditions among different enterprise types.
This report is based on Chinese industry classification (Industrial Classification For National Economic Activities, GB/T 4754-2002).
Additionally, by original creation of ZEEFER Industry Distribution Index, the report directly shows the difference in various regions of Mainland China in terms of baked foods mfg. industry, providing an important reference for investors’ selection of target regions to make investment.
What will you get from this report?
· To get a comprehensive picture on distribution of and difference in performance in regions of Mainland China in terms of the baked foods mfg. industry;
· To figure out the hot regions in China for baked foods mfg. industry, find out the potential provinces and cities suitable for investment as well as the economic development level and investment environment in these regions;
· To get a clear picture on the overall development, industry size and growth trend of baked foods mfg. industry across China in the past 3 years;
· To get a clear picture on development status of foreign enterprises, state-owned enterprises, and private enterprises in recent years as well as the industry position of the above ownerships;
· Present you with a list of top 20 enterprises inside the industry;
Regions Covered By This Report
· All the 31 provincial regions in Mainland China;
· Top 20 cities in terms of baked foods mfg. industry.
Enterprise Types Covered By This Report
· Top 20 enterprises;
· Enterprises Funded by Foreign Countries (territories), Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan;
· Chinese State-owned Enterprises;
· Collective-owned Enterprises;
· Cooperative Enterprises;
· Joint-Equity Enterprises;
· Private Enterprises.
ZEEFER Industry Distribution Index
It is an indicator through aggregate weighted computation based on the three authority statistics of enterprise numbers, sales revenue and profit by region and corporate ownership, and in accordance with the regional distribution of leading enterprises inside the sector. Through horizontal comparison on the baked foods mfg. industry development in different provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions, the ZEEFER Industry Distribution Index is specially designed to truly reflect the conditions of regional distribution for the baked foods mfg. industry, providing a quantitative, visual and reliable reference for relevant users to make decisions. The ZEEFER Industry Distribution Index adopts a hundred mark system. For a certain region, the higher the score, the higher the distribution concentration in this region and the industry position of the region shall be more important.
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