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Call center outsourcing – do you know the top five benefits

Call Center Outsourcing – Do You Know the Top Five Benefits?

In today’s environment of cutthroat competition, customer expectations of support and service have reached new highs. Businesses without extraordinary customer support tend to lose favor with consumer, lag behind their competition or even face a survival crisis. Hence, the all-important customer support services can never be overlooked.

Your company can set up an in-house call center or outsource such services. Much, however, depends on your available resources including manpower, infrastructure and technical know-how. While large businesses may go in for their own call centers, majority of the mid-sized companies find outsourcing a much viable option. There are many advantages to outsourcing your call center. Listed below are five top advantages of outsourcing your call center.

24/7 support to customers across various time zones

In todays’ globalized environment, businesses often have customers spread across various time zones and they expect twenty-four hour customer service.

Call centers, with 24/7/365 operating model, ascertain that customers get the required assistance whenever and wherever they need them. Such activities help cement ties between the consumers and the company and retain them in the long run.

Save on cost of establishing in-house call center

Establishing an in-house call center involves heavy investment on infrastructure and hiring and training of required personnel. This results in diversion of crucial resources from the core operations of the company.

Outsourcing these tasks to call centers takes care of the entire process of preparation, relieving the company of the headache of putting in place every small element and managing the operations all along.

Tap into required expertise

Maintaining an in-house call center is treated as an extra responsibility for businesses. On the other hand, call centers that are exclusively devoted to these operations treat it as their primary task, concentrating all their energies to deliver very high quality service. It is almost impossible for your company to reach that level of expertise. Thus, outsourcing call center services ensures excellent customer support services.

Focus on your core competence

It is important for every company to focus on its core competence and rely on outside experts to handle tasks that are not part of the core. Call center is one such area that should be outsourced since making and receiving calls is their bread and butter and it would be tough for you to match the quality of service they generally deliver.

Utilize advanced and specialized services

The bouquet of specialized and advanced services that call centers offer today go beyond expectations of the company. In fact, one has to be very careful in making the right choice of the vendor and the collection of services. The right kind of partnership with the appropriate vendor can contribute towards the success of the company at large.

It is not for nothing that call centers are becoming the new buzzword in the world of business. The positive contribution they make to companies far outweigh the investment made in hiring them as partners in business. Specialized call centers are here to stay and help you succeed.

Break through the material handling monkey traps

Break Through The Material Handling Monkey Traps

Dewitt, NY – May 10, 2010: The Second Quarter 2010 issue of The MHEDA Journal (http://www.TheMhedaJournal.org), the leading online magazine for the forklift, storage and handling, and general material handling equipment industries, features an article from noted speaker, author and business expert Peter McLaughlin. The article is titled “Breaking Through The Monkey Traps” and teaches executives how to think creatively to develop a lasting “winning streak” mentality.

McLaughlin, keynote speaker at last week’s 2010 MHEDA Convention & Exhibitors’ Showcase in Marco Island, FL, begins by describing how, in Southeast Asia, monkeys are easily captured by the locals in rudimentary traps because of their own hardheadedness. They find food in the traps, but refuse to let go. “They can’t see that freedom without rice is more valuable than capture with it,” McLaughlin writes.

Many businesses, according to McLaughlin, are just like the monkeys because they are stuck in what he calls “value rigidity.” He explains, “Often, we’re in a rut and don’t know it. A rut is just like a monkey trap—nothing is keeping us stuck except our inability to recognize that we’ve trapped ourselves. To change, we must start with ourselves.” He goes on to list the five traits of people and teams that go on winning streaks:

  • Confidence
  • Energy
  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Action.

For more details or to read the full article, visit the  Second Quarter issue of The MHEDA Journal, accessible online at http://www.TheMhedaJournal.org. The print version was mailed to subscribers on April 15. The MHEDA Journal is published quarterly, in January, April, July and October. For more information, contact Chris Powers, editor of The MHEDA Journal, (315) 445-2347, e-mail: chris@datakey.org.