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Are you too busy to get organized

Are You Too Busy To Get Organized?

If you spend a lot of your day rifling through stacks of papers and files looking for things you need, you may want to take some time to tidy up. Whoa, I can already hear you:  But I’m too busy to take time to tidy up. 

That’s probably true, but …

How much time do you waste searching for stuff?

The statistics are staggering. On average, an HOUR A DAY is spent retrieving misplaced information from messy desks. Hmmmmm … I’ll bet you could use that hour on better things than playing a constant game of Hide n’ Seek every day.

Getting organized doesn’t need to be a huge project taking up more time than you can afford. You can do it in little bits and pieces throughout the day. 

Here’s a few examples of easy ways to get organized. I promise you, they won’t take up much time at all.

* Every time you come across something, quickly assess the need to keep it. If you don’t need it – get rid of it right then and there. If you do need it, make a place for it and put it there.

* When you get something new decide where it belongs and put it away.

* Each time you use a file, quickly go through it and see if anything is outdated and can be tossed.

* The oversized pile of reading material – when will you ever get the time to read ‘old’ information? Get real. Dump anything older than 3 months.

* Cutesy toys and gadgets – really, are they helping you? Toss them.

* Old sticky notes that have lost their ‘sticky’. Recycle them.

* The pen you always manage to pick up but don’t like using – trash it.

Sounds pretty simple to do doesn’t it? 

I know. You have time issues. You have a job to do – you can’t be spending all this time doing ALL THAT STUFF.

But what if doing ALL THAT STUFF saved you time? Would it be worth it? I think it would. Spend the time to make the time because …

You can’t afford NOT to get organized.

Start with just one thing and build momentum from there. Before you know it, you’ll be organized and saving tons of time.

What will you do with that extra hour a day?

Now, get on with your day!

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