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A review of the tahitian noni international income opportunity

A Review Of The Tahitian Noni International Income Opportunity

Anything with the word Tahitian in it brings to mind sandy beaches, colorful flowers and warm sea water. It also makes a person think of sweet fruity rum drinks that roll over their tongue as they sit and watch the water come and go softly over the sand.

Tahitian Noni International has been in existence since 1996 and producing Noni Juice since that time. Made from the Noni fruit found in the South Pacific Islands, it has been a staple of the natives’ diets for a long time. Partnered with the residents of Tahiti, the company is dedicated to providing both a healthy product and economy to the country. With eight thousand product consultants, and seven Tahitian Noni cafes world wide, the company is able to include many world famous celebrities as their spokespeople.

Coupled with other flavors, such as black currant, Noni juice is purported to support the immune system, provide the body with needed antioxidants and increase energy. The company lists the products ingredients on its website as well as testimonials and press information. This juice is, however, quite expensive, starting at $42.00 for a 1-liter bottle. The juice is also offered in a convenient sipping pouch, but they start a $16.00 per pouch. Tahitian Noni International also offers a variety of other products, such as vitamins, tea and gourmet food, hygiene products and animal care products. Product cost for these item all start at over $15.00.

Of course, these products can only be purchased by an authorized seller. The company offers extensive training on both the product and selling techniques and offer incentives that include trips to Tahiti. Training is offered at the corporate office in New York City, via the Internet, or over the phone with a workbook. Any additional questions regarding sales consultant opportunities are referred to a 1-800 number listed on the website. There is no information available regarding the cost of start-up. The website does contain a recruiting video for prospective sellers to watch for more information and based on the presentation, the sales opportunities are based on a modified pyramid scheme.

A comprehensive F.A.Q. section, which can be found in the Press Release section, covers a variety of topics such as the company’s policy on animal testing, whether or not any of their sales representatives have been reprimanded for not adhering to guidelines and additional information on the products they carry. Some of the questions also delve into the companies working relationship with the Tahitian people.

Tahitian Noni International has quite a few patents and pending patents on their products, as well as certificates and approvals from various food and drug administrations around the world. The company also supports a formal garden where various activities from concerts to movies are held. These are located at the company’s international headquarters.

Based on the information provided on Tahitian Noni International’s website, it would be difficult for a prospective retailer to make an informed decision as to whether or not selling these products would be a lucrative business venture. Because of the confusing nature of the information that is presented, anyone truly interested in becoming a retailer would benefit by contacting the company directly to get the proper information.

The several maps map that shouldn’t be

The several maps Map That Shouldn’t Be

Those of you who are avid treasure hunters are probably all well familiar with maps which are completely undecipherable. Even older maps, which were intended to be accurate portrayals of topography, can be almost humorously inaccurate. The existence of a map dating from the middle ages, then, that could be used to correct errors in modern maps created as late as the 1950s would be nothing less than astonishing. But it does exist.

The map was drawn by Piri Reis in 1513. It shows detailed and pointedly accurate outlines of Eastern North and South America, and Western Africa, an absolutely amazing accomplishment in that era, but that is not the real show stopper about this map. It also shows a completely accurate detailed outline of the Northern Antarctic Coast as it exists without the ice cap. This is not just amazing, it is impossible by any technique we know of to have existed in the known technology of civilization until our present abilities. There are two issues that even further complicate this mystery.

The first complication is that Antarctica had not been discovered yet in 1513. The fact that Piri Reis had stated himself that he had used other maps from other resources available to sailors in his era, some dating back to the days of Alexander the Great, does nothing but compound the mystery. That only means that this information was compiled at an even earlier date. Where could this information have come from? While completely baffling, it is only the “tip of the iceberg” so to speak.

The outline of Antarctica on this map shows the coastline as it is under the one mile thick snow cap of the region — with an accuracy we can verify now by using only recently developed technology via aerial surveying. It has been calculated that the last time the Antarctic coast was clear of this ice cap was 6,000 years ago at the most recent, with a possible inaccuracy of this figure pushing the date back to possibly as long as 13,000 years ago. At present, we have no knowledge of any civilization in existence during those dates.

In 1953 the Hydrographic Bureau of the U.S. Navy acquired this map and actually used it to correct errors in their own present-day maps. Apparently whoever drew these charts had the knowledge of the fact that the world is round, the circumference, within 50 miles, and an extremely advanced knowledge of spherical trigonometry.

The Piri Reis is only one of several maps drawn during the middle ages by sailors using mapping from ancient sources completely unknown to us in present times. While we can now map the world with the same accuracy, as these ancients were able to do, it still remains for us to find out who these people were and when they lived.

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