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Carrier neutral vs

Carrier Neutral Vs. Carrier Specific Colocation Providers

There are two different models for providing internet service in colocation facilities. One is carrier neutral and the other is carrier specific. Carrier neutral data centers offer customers more choices and are generally the choice for service in the US and Europe. Unfortunately, the service is rare in Canada and when you do find it, is very expensive.

In the carrier neutral model, your server is hosted in a facility that offers many different internet carriers. Generally, the first step in the process of finding a carrier neutral facility is to choose the carrier that you want to provide your internet connection. Like a real estate broker, colocation brokers will help you find the best service and the best price for you needs. Once you choose a provider, your broker will tell you which data centers are available to host your server and in what areas. From there, you can choose the location or locations that best meet your needs. Depending on the size of your business you may want your servers hosted in different areas throughout the country or all in one general location.

Prices vary from provider to provider and the benefit of carrier neutral colocation is that you have the option to shop around for the best price. If a carrier is running a promotion, you’ll be able to get in on that promotion and save money on your internet service. However, on the downside, you’ll have to pay more to rent space in the colocation facility than you would with a carrier specific facility.

With the carrier specific model, you don’t have a choice which company will provide your internet connection. You chose the facility that you want your server hosted at and then, whatever carrier they have, that’s the one you use for your internet connection.

The problem with this model is that it doesn’t let you shop around for the best price on internet service. However, you only pay one fee to the colocation facility for both your rack space and your internet service.

Generally, the carrier neutral model is better for the consumer since it encourages competition among the providers and drives prices down. As the consumer you have a better choice for service as well as lower costs.

In Canada, however, carrier neutral services are not widely available due to the monopolies held by the major service providers. In most cases, the carrier specific model is all you will be able to find. If you do happen upon a company that offers carrier neutral service, beware of high costs. Since most colocation facilities in Canada do not offer carrier neutral services, the few that do are able to drive their prices way up for space in the facility. Since there is virtually no competition in this market, if you want to continue using a carrier neutral service, you will be forced to pay their ever-rising prices.

The future looks bright though. As more and more colocation providers are looking into getting a direct fiber link to Seattle, they will soon be able to offer carrier neutral services throughout Canada. This will mean more competition, better service and lower prices for the consumer.

The name of the game is changing

The Name of the Game is Changing. . . it is All About Networking

In order to be successful in your job search, you can no longer spend tens of hours hiding behind your computer, emailing your resume and responding to countless job postings online.  Now, it is all about getting out there, becoming recognized, building relationships, growing your network… It is all about NETWORKING!

The concept by itself is simple.  It is defined as establishing a surrounding of contacts, connecting with them and keeping in touch with them.  But keep in mind that networking involves a lot more.  It goes beyond collecting and exchanging business cards.  The deep meaning of the networking idea resides in the fact that it is a process that should be performed constantly not on as needed basis.  While networking, you are creating your own luck!

Before you get involved in the networking process, you need to be clear on who you are, what you do, and how you can add value.  Be aware of your weaknesses.  Know exactly what you have to offer.  Be clear on what you are looking for.  Basically, learn how to market yourself.  Prepare an efficient, short and clear message that promotes who you are while making you memorable to your listener.

When you start building relationships, your contacts start putting together your name along with your face, along with your experience.  Show interest in what your listener is saying, offer advice and support to your circle of network, and go the extra mile… the bottom line here is to become well-known and recognized.  The more you do so, the more your contacts will think of you unconsciously and start sending your way referrals and opportunities that might end up being your next dream job.

Most of your networking should be in person.  Check out different organizations which may attend to your needs, experience, and industry.  Before joining, test the waters; attend a couple of their events to find out if this is the crowd you want to rub shoulders with.  Is this the environment you want to be associated with?  Have a clear goal before attending mixers and know exactly your purpose for attending those events.  And once you decide on few organizations, become a member, and get involved all the way by joining committees, for example.

Keep in mind though that you still need to have an online presence as well.  Use the Internet to your advantage.  Get online and sign up with one or more social and business networking websites.  Choose the ones that best fit your needs and help you meet your goals faster by keeping tabs and staying in touch with your contacts.  Be selective about what kind of information you share through your e-networking.  The Internet is a public unsecure world!

It is crucial to understand that networking is a numbers game.  You need to build your network one contact at a time.   Be selective about who you want to belong to your network.  Know enough about your connections and learn more about what they do.  And keep in mind that networking starts when the event is finished!

Courtesy of Manal Richa, The MarCom Network – offering Communications, Branding and Advertising solutions.