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The interesting history of iata codes

The Interesting History of Iata Codes…who Knew?

Look at your luggage tag or air waybill and you’ll see airport codes instead of origin and destination city names spelled out. IATA (International Air Transport Association) assigns a three-letter identifier code to every commercial airport in the world. (By the way, pronounce it “Eye-ah-ta,”) It’s no mystery how IATA came up with BOS for Boston or STL for St. Louis. But why the heck did it assign MCI to Kansas City, IAD to Washington Dulles or EWR to Newark?

Turns out there was method to the madness. When they started assigning IATA codes, certain prefixes were set aside. The Navy grabbed the “N” prefixes. Navy pilots train at NPA (Navy Pensacola), for instance. Take away the “N” from Newark and EWR makes sense. Nacogdoches, TX? OCH.

With few exceptions, prefixes beginning with “W” or “K” are generally not used for USA airports lest they be confused with radio station call letters. So before Washington Dulles opened they were leaning toward DIA (Dulles International Airport) but then realized that it might be too easily confused with nearby Reagan (DCADistrict of Columbia Airport), especially when harried freight clerks were scribbling chalk letters on baggage carts. Stick the D at the end and International Airport Dulles doesn’t seem so crazy.

Long before the Wright Brothers, the National Weather Service dotted stations around the country with two letter city codes. Later, IATA adopted some of those by simply adding an X. That’s why we might ship from Portland, OR (PDX) to Los Angeles (LAX).

JFK Airport is a rarity in that it changed IATA code from IDL when it changed its name from Idlewild. Usually once a code is assigned, it stays assigned. So if you hop on board a flight to Indianola, MS and have a really old pilot, you might want to make sure he doesn’t head for New York seeing how Indianola took over Idlewild’s discarded IDL.

An IATA code that starts with Y probably means your freight is probably headed for Canada. Literally hundreds of Canadian airport codes begin with Y.

Who wants to be FAT? Fresno Air Terminal doesn’t mind. How do they get CMH out of Columbus? From Columbus Municipal Hangar. Puzzled on CVG being Cincinnati? Cincinnati’s airport actually sits across the Ohio River in Covington, KY.

File MCI for Kansas City under “too late now.” Because of the initial letter K restrictions, the original Kansas City airport was MKC (Missouri Kansas City). When they started planning a big new airport someone decided that Mid-Continent International sounded pretty darned fancy and got the MCI designation. Before the airport opened, local politicians decided to change the name to Kansas City International so that travelers would recognize their fair city. Meantime, it was too late to change the MCI code.

Okay, I’ve kept you in suspense long enough. You’re wondering about ORD for Chicago O’Hare, aren’t you? Midway (MDW), its cross town rival, was bursting at the seams as the world’s busiest airport in the early days of commercial jets. Officials decided to build a huge new airport northwest of town where a tiny airstrip that had been renamed for heroic Navy pilot, Lt. Cmdr. Butch O’Hare. As MCI will vouch, once you get an IATA code it’s almost impossible to change it.

What was the name of the little strip before they changed it to O’Hare? Orchard FieldORD.

The requirement of a sample employment contract

The Requirement of a Sample Employment Contract

There are many formalities and guidelines that have to be followed before an employee has been appointed. These formalities and rules have to be followed in any industry or firm. Obtaining the employee’s assent to the contract regarding employment is a very important rule. A sample employment contract will be given to the employee. This is for the employee to read and understand a lot of basic information concerning the company. By reading through a sample employment contract, the employee should be able to decide if accepting the offer and joining the company will benefit him anyway. He will also get an opportunity as well as some time to read and understand all the emoluments and rules the company has offered.

All details pertaining to the company are included in the sample employment contract. The contract has details regarding the person’s position in the company if the offer is accepted by him, the salary payable, where the work place is located, complete details of the pay scale in annual and monthly split ups, the contract period’s duration and the value of the contract’s period. There will also be details concerning the working hours and schedule, probation period, employment date, facilities the company provides and many other details like these. The candidate will be able to make an approximate estimate by reading this contract. He can then take a well thought decision.

The actual contract of employment will only be framed after the terms and conditions have been agreed upon and mutual discussion has taken place between and employee or the company’s representative and the candidate. This will be based upon the details and terms in the contract provided as a sample. Corrections can be made in a sample contract by the candidate after his discussions with the employer and his family. However any alterations and corrections can be done only if a company representative or employer is present.