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The creation of the world's highest-pressure large-bore drilling riser

The Creation Of The World's Highest-Pressure Large-Bore Drilling Riser

The Creation of the World’s Highest-Pressure Large-Bore Drilling Riser

An offshore riser is used to connect a subsea blowout preventer to a surface rig so that the mud churned up during drilling is vented to the surface instead of spilling out of the stack and onto the ocean floor.  There are a number of different types of offshore risers, each with its own specific use and function.  However, few offshore risers get the attention that the riser created for Venture Production did.  That’s because this riser single handedly extends the operating envelope of Jack Up rigs into territory that was previously serviced by more expensive Semis.

This offshore riser, built by Acteon companies Subsea Riser Products and Claxton Engineering, is not like any other riser in the world. It’s the first full-bore access riser that can handle pressure over 12,000 psi.  It was no easy task to design such huge drilling risers that can handle the pressures that Venture planned on putting on it.  While creating a full-bore riser, which is 18 ? inches, is no problem, and creating a riser that can withstand 12,000 psi is likewise not a difficult task, creating an offshore riser that incorporates both was a great challenge.  Part of the problem was that the sheer weight of such a riser would be incredible.  It would also be difficult to attach connectors to the thick pipes that would be required, and even if connectors were attached, they would suffer from welding difficulty due to the known issues around welding high-grade steel. 

Thus, an innovative approach was needed.  Both are difficult to weld and work with.  However, the plan the team came up with met requirements and avoided both of these difficult standard solutions.  They shrink-fitted the flanges to the pipes, eliminating the need for welding at all.   Shrink fitting is often used in other industries, but this was the first time it was applied to an offshore riser.

Once in place, the riser will be capable of drilling HP/HT subsea wells.  It will be placed on a jack up drilling rig that uses a surface blowout preventer.  This will result in a significant reduction in drilling costs versus the traditional approach of using a Semi Submersible rig for HP/HT drilling. 

Avoid click fraud

Avoid Click Fraud

Is your PPC campaign acquiring sabotaged by fraudsters? Are you currently depleting 10%, 20%–even 40% of one’s spending budget on squandered clicks? Tips on how to catch these scammers with their hands within the cookie jar!

Should you advertise in Spend Per Press Programs like Google’s Adwords and Yahoo’s Overture, an individual is preserving you from maximizing your profits. Should you pay out people megabucks for each and every press and you also invariably appear to be receiving slightly less than you place in, Stop and Think about . Could you be the victim of just click fraud?

Pay per simply click is known as a five.6 billion dollar business in 2005. Market estimates variety between 10% to 40% of the figure to be brought on by fraudulent clicks. It adds as much as 500 million to 2 billion bucks of advertiser’s precious us dollars becoming wasted. That’s a critical chunk of Buying Flowers Online
change, that you the PPC advertiser might probably be losing! Are we exaggerating the threat?

“Anyone who says this isn’t a genuine challenge is kidding you” says Research Motor giant Yahoo’s executive John Slade referring to Simply click Scam.

According to a Newsweek post, Yahoo and google and Google are struggling to adjust the definition of “good-faith click” and their policies, and methods of stopping this new kind of scam. Although that you’re having to pay really serious cash to Yahoo and google and Google, and they’re “adjusting definitions”, really should you not ask yourself “Can I afford that loss of profitabity?” After all, it’s your your money. You could perhaps just be wasting 10%, 20% .
even 40% of it to all the fraudsters .

How can such scum get aside with their crime? Most E-Commerce entrepreneurs do not know concerning the existence of the form of drain on their advertising budgets . Of your people today who do know that their marketing and advertising budgets is having depleted , quite a few do not know that there’s a method to fight back. They consider it’s as well high priced to battle back again, and way as well technical. Less expensive to pay out these pirates and highway males than to take measures to stop this crime. It’s like tolerating merchandize theft. If measures are not taken to reduce it, it can destroy any company! Sadly, other people who do wind up fighting back again, usually select overpriced answers that could possibly or can possibly not fix their problems but ultimately costs them severe ca dollarh. Every single day time, every month.

Imagine if you could monitor your website visitors to find out if this person coming into your online site would buy or not, even as she comes towards the very first site. You can tell if she can be described as competitor out to deplete your spending budget, a disgruntled former employee out to generate you waste your finances or an AdSense fraudulence out to prey on you. And what if it is a legitimate user who is mostly a qualified prospect ?!? Is she getting her knowledge a perfect one particular? Is she frustrated due to the fact she wishes some thing, details or a specific item for buy but is unable to purchase. Is she so puzzled that she will possibly just walk out on you by clicking away to one more ?nternet site? Dealing With Micropayments

Save Your Clicks

Education is energy. What if you ever had the greatest understanding about your web-site visitor. Would you not have the greatest energy to enhance your enterprise? On an hourly basis when the require arose! This kind of awareness could furnish you the data to combat click fraudulence and to grant proof to Yahoo that you simply are becoming defrauded. You can be collecting refund checks for up to 30% as well as a lot more for all of the wealth squandered on these fraudsters. This could not only conserve you your money by separating the frauds in the spending consumers, this would permit you to know what your clients truly want. And giving it to them!

We at Sofizar supply you with just such education. But we do quite a lot far better than that.we keep an eye on your websites and collect evidence of you obtaining click on defrauded. Our alarms trigger automatically and we manually verify that there is a trouble. We’re incredibly mindful of our credibility with Yahoo and google, so we present your case every time we are genuinely convinced that the level of fraudulence is adequate to warrant action. When we reach that degree, we take your situation and pursue it, to our very best effort. In addition, the data that we obtain is always transparent. You’ll be able to view it anytime and make appropriate decisions(such as request yahoo and google to shut off a particular adsense publisher).

If you want the peace of thoughts to understand which you aren’t spinning your advertising wheels you need to attempt out our simply click fraudulence service . And we’re so confident in our capability to exceed expectations that we offer you Overall performance Dependent Assistance. Here’s what you’ll get:

a) An account with us, exactly where we’ll create your web page with computer software to track site visitors to your ?nternet site. On our guaranteed secure, dedicated server.

b) Access to customizable reports that let you see the data that you want to determine.

c) Limitless email assist.

d) A daily emailed report tracking the competent users as well as the fraudsters.

e) Call back again telephone help.

You in no way need to spend unless we recover bucks or credits for you from the research motors. We’ll keep an eye on your ?nternet site, ferret out fraudulent clicks and prepare documentation to current for the lookup motor. You spend us ONLY whenever you obtain refund or once you shell out the credit from a look for motor.

Restricted Time Provide you with : At any time you sign up for this free support prior to Probably will 1st 2005, we’ll waive all setup costs .

Bonus Supply : For any Restricted time, we’re including site Analytics and (Opt-in) Email monitoring cost-free for our PPC Simply click Fraudulence Customers.

Why Purchase Simply click Fraudulence Solutions From Sofizar?

1> We use our own Online Analytics Motor to monitor readers to your online site. We can track a level of detail about your visitors that most of our competitors can not match. In their dreams. We possess a statistical scoring algorithm competent by Neural Nets depending on 25+ criteria. Outcome: Advanced Press Scam Detection.

2> We deliver you Cost-free “Web Analytics Services”* . You’ll be able to monitor your “conversion”, the countries of one’s prospects and the outcomes of one’s e-mail campaigns.

3> We give you “Free Setup”*. No have to pay out those people dollar100 or dollar200 just to tag your websites. We do it for you personally.

4> We offer certain 48 hour support.

5> We are Spend For Performance. Would you rather shell out an individual dollar79/month without any tangible ROI or would you spend us a reward for saving you your income?