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Avail superb playground structures within your budget right with aaa state of play

Avail Superb Playground Structures Within Your Budget Right With Aaa State of Play

Playing various kinds of games is something which is not confined to a specific age limit. It is whether children, teenagers, adults, or people of old age; all go for various kinds of games to entertain and relax themselves.

Children in the age group of 5 to 10 years besides studying give priority to games only. It is an age group in which it is necessary for the children to visit here and there for their overall development. There is no use of sitting idle at the home and looking humble!    

To live a successful life it is imperative that your child should bring confidence in himself or herself right from the young age. It is only possible when he or she interact with other children and start expressing themselves right from the early age. It is only possible if your child regularly visit playground and participate with other children in various types of games.

When it is about public parks, day care, and homeowners associations then offering best quality outdoor playground equipment is one of the issues to look upon. There are also a large number of private institutions and day care centers that demands for the various forms of playground structures within the prescribed budget.

Both outdoor playground equipment and playground structures have their major role to offer better platform for the future generation to grow upon assuring complete safety, class and durability.

It is possible now to fulfill all the requirements of children in a better way. You can hire a company that is capable enough to assist in all the turns leading to a better deal. It should be concluded right from the selection of outdoor playground equipment to the surfacing and installation of the playground structures. 

If you are now thinking that where you can find one such company then it is quite justifiable. The answer to this question is … over here! Here, a finest option is available for you in the form of AAA State of Play.

There are various reasons due to which you can go for AAA State of Play while looking for all kinds of outdoor playground equipment. Few of them are stated below.

?      Goodwill: it is a company that is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. It has an indispensable presence in both physical and online market right from the beginning. This is mainly because of its sound goodwill that most of the playground equipment demanders trust this name without any hesitation.

?       Great variety within budget: AAA State of Play is capable to offer a large variety in playground structures according to the budget of the customer. Selection from the available structures include recycled plastic structures, modular steel, genuine plastic, wood, etc. Custom solutions for amenities, surfacing etc. are also available. 

?      Customer support: AAA State of Play offers unique customer support. You can get in touch with the support staff with the help of online form or toll free number. You will be responded with best solutions as quickly as possible.

?      References:  references can prove to be an appropriate way to make a right choice. When you go for the references regarding best playground equipments and structures, it is guaranteed that most of the smart people will suggest you the name of AAA State of Play only.

So visit this site once and feel the difference by your own!!

Boston pack and ship offers tips on how to avoid moving scams

Boston Pack and Ship offers tips on how to avoid moving scams


According to many credible medical authorities, moving—after life, death, divorce and illness—is one of the more stressful things anybody can go through. That’s why being the victim of a moving scam adds fuels to an already blazing fire. As a small load shipping specialist for two decades, Boston Pack and Ship offers some basic rules of thumb to follow to prevent yourself from falling victim to moving scams.

“There are a number of moving scams out there, everything from an out-and-out theft of your belongings to holding your belongings hostage because you didn’t pay a made up fee or you had more pieces than your estimate,” said Joe Fell, co-owner of Boston Pack and Ship. “People are even more vulnerable to these scams in tough economic times because everybody’s trying to keep their costs down.”

So, what can you do to minimize the risk of falling for one of these scams? For starters:

  • Beware of virtual moversmake sure the moving company has an actual physical address, preferably in your area or where you’re moving to and especially if you found the company on the Internet.

  • Find out who’s actually doing the moving – beware of companies who broker the move to unknown third-party service providers. Ask more about the entire process; who is making the pickup, who is providing the long distance transport and the final delivery?

  • Ask for references – better yet, ask friends you know who have moved lately to refer a mover.

  • Check the mover’s Web site for professional accreditation – there are mover’s associations in every state. A mover affiliated with an accredited association does have more creditability than one that is not. Even better if the mover is a member of the Better Business Bureau. That allows you to not only check their credibility but the company’s history for handling complaints.

  • Get a minimum of three quotes – scam victims are often victims of their own impatience and wanting to get their move underway and over with. Getting a minimum of three quotes may slow things down slightly, but it will make you look a little closer at the company you eventually hire.

  • Fear the lowball quote – like the saying goes, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. While no two moving companies are exactly the same, true professionals should not be more than a few hundred apart. If an estimate is more than $1,000 less than the others, that’s a red flag and you might want to scrutinize the estimate and company further.

  • Stick to national carriers for cross-country and out-state moves – If your entire home is being moved, stick to a national carrier. That way, you will have an actual physical address for the mover on each end of the move, not to mention a corporate office who the agent has to answer to should anything go wrong.

“These suggestions should help you avoid most scams but if you’re still not sure, always opt for the mover who was referred to you by trusted family or friends,” said Fell.

Boston Pack and Ship specializes in moves of 1,000 pounds or less. In addition, it offers customized package and custom crate building services at its workshop in Braintree. For items like computer equipment, artwork and other fragile items, Boston Pack and Ship employs foam-in-place technology to “lock” those items in place and limit movement within the package.

The breadth of Boston Pack and Ship’s relocation services include:

  • Small loads – with no minimum requirement; blanket-wrapping for fragile, delicate moves; full insurance available

  • Custom crates and packaging for computers, electronic instruments, prototypes, antiques and artwork.

  • State-of-the-art, foam-in-place solutions to protect valuables

  • Multiple U.S. and International shipping options—ocean or air—to help lower costs

  • Door-to-door and door-to-port delivery with insurance available

  • On-time pickups by appointment

For more information, you can visit the company Web site at www.bostonpackandship.com. For a free quote on an out-of-state or international move or shipment, please call (800) 400-7204.

Small load specialists

Boston Pack and Ship has been a trusted strategic partner of many movers in eastern Massachusetts for more than two decades. Based in Braintree, Massachusetts, Boston Pack and Ship employs custom crates and packaging and foam-in-place solutions to pack and ship everything from artwork to heirlooms, computers to antiques to both out-of-state and international destinations. Known for its fast and efficient customer service, one call is usually all it takes to schedule a pickup for a door-to-door or door-to-port shipment. For more information, visit www.bostonpackandship.com or call (800) 400-7204 for a free quote.