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Bharatbook.com : Indian Shipping Industry Implications

Indian Shipping Industry

The report elucidates facts about the Indian Shipping Industry, supplemented by latest statistical data and comprehensive analysis. Emphasis is laid on the following key subject matters to accomplish the report. ( http://www.bharatbook.com/Market-Research-Reports/Indian-Shipping-Industry.html )

Section 1: Market in 2007

The performance of Wet Bulk, Dry Bulk and Containership Freight Market in 2007 is focused on. The new building and second hand asset price is provided. The orderbook position for all the categories and their delivery schedule as per vessel size as on January 1, 2008 is given. The report gives detailed analysis of past and future cargo volumes for the above three segments. Finally, outlook for these three markets for the medium and long term is arrived at. Cost & Profitability of the Indian Shipping Companies are provided. The main cost heads analyzed are bunker expense, crew expense, dry-docking, repair & maintenance expense, port calling dues, insurance expense and depreciation expense.

Section II: Industry Basics & SWOT

The characteristics of the industry are explained. These include: demand-supply dynamics of ships, cyclicality, capital intensity, pricing power, regulatory requirements, ways of vessel deployment, ship financing, tonnage taxation, age profile, vessel flag, vessel productivity. A detailed analysis of the challenges faced by the Indian shipping Industry is provided. The challenges discussed include: onerous tax regime, multiplicity of regulations, declining share of Indian shipping tonnage in India’s overseas trade, declining cargo support from TRANSCHART, manpower shortage, high port calling dues, port congestion and poor connectivity with hinterland, underdeveloped coastal shipping. This is followed by a SWOT analysis of the industry.

Section III: Company Profile

The companies covered include: Shipping Corporation of India Limited, Great Eastern Shipping Limited, Mercator Lines Limited. For each of these companies its financial profile, fleet profile, vessels on order and their delivery schedule, strengths & weaknesses along with corporate action are presented. 

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Auto responders: 7 creative ways to use this online marketing tool

Auto responders: 7 Creative Ways to Use This Online Marketing Tool

The internet is actually the most powerful marketing tool which is present in the world. If you want to market something using the services of email then the auto responders are the best options for you. You have to keep in mind that the first idea which you put up will not sell that well, but you need to keep trying if you want to get a profit.

These auto responders are designed in such a way that you get your message back to exactly the same prospect over and over again. You will find that these packages will usually have packs which have 7 messages. Now you can use these in 7 creative ways which can help you in a lot of ways as well. Just check out there new and fun ways:

Newsletters- here you can give our newsletter samples to people automatically. This way you give people an idea about what you are doing and if they see what its worth that will subscribe for it. You can even try and issue a family newsletter.

Articles – you can also show people some valuable context of your website by simply doing so through the use of articles. The articles will automatically be offered to the viewers.

Another thing you can do is issue a joke of the day. There the viewers will be able to get free jokes which will help brighten up their day.

You can use an email signature file. Where you have an option where the viewer can send an email to the site. This way they will be able to get your articles and you won’t even have to work at all for it.

Follow up on your customer- usually it takes a lot of time before you can reconnect your actual customers and they actually buy your product. So might have been distracted while you received your first message so you need follow up messages to remind you. If you use the auto responder you will be able to send those follow up messages simply automatically. You also get to determine the intervals at which you send the messages say 2 days or even 20 days!

You can use this as a service by which you can create a database. This data case will contain names of friends and family members and also co workers of the customer. This is a creative way of using the auto responders.

Another creative way of using this is for managing any sort of projects for teams. This can help the teams communicate. So this is a creative as well as a very useful thought.