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Black business – various qualities of a black entrepreneur

Black Business – Various Qualities of a Black Entrepreneur

Starting your own business requires many characteristics. Not everyone in this world is suited to be a business owner or an entrepreneur. One must take ample of time to think about his motivations, his personality, and his abilities. Starting a business is a huge responsibility in itself and not everyone is fit for this job.

Being an entrepreneur requires a lot of abilities and qualities. The first quality of a black entrepreneur is the decision taking power. This is the first and the foremost step in starting a black business which is owned by black entrepreneur. Taking the decision of starting a black business is the first step in setting up the business and an important quality in the black entrepreneur.

Another important quality that a black entrepreneur must have is the quality of being your own boss. It is tempting to read and hear about being your own boss, but it requires a lot of dedication and many more qualities that are required to run a black business. It is a very responsible position and the person must be dedicated and strong willed to take on this responsibility.

A black entrepreneur must have leadership qualities in order to manage the employees because he is the person who has all the responsibility of his black business. It must be in his nature to take decisions independently and confidently about his black business. Sometimes in the black business, it required to take decisions instantly, so the black entrepreneur must have such a quality. He must also have the quality of taking the responsibility of his decisions.

Since at every stage of the black business, the black entrepreneur will face competition from various different organizations, so he must be ready to face the challenges. The black entrepreneur must have the quality of accepting and enjoying the challenges in order to succeed and do well for his black business.

Starting a black business requires various resources and contacts in the market. The black entrepreneur must be well connected in the market so that he can have a good start for his business. An important aspect that one must look out for is how good your resources are and how do they contribute to the betterment of the black business. The black entrepreneurs must have faith in their employees. They must take their opinions in taking up some of the decisions which could lead to the betterment of the black business.

Another quality of the black entrepreneur must be self discipline and will power. A self disciplined person can lead his team properly and efficiently. The black entrepreneur will be like an ideal for his employees if he is calm, self confident and self disciplined. So in order to make his black business a success, a black entrepreneur must have all these qualities in himself.

The law of customer attraction

The Law of Customer Attraction

Most service professionals and entrepreneurs find it difficult to increase their customer base. They often peruse online forums and groups and attend networking events and teleseminars to learn how to stand out in a world that is full of marketing ads. It can be overwhelming and confusing to decide what to do to find customers, and where to find clients. One very successful method is the Law of Customer Attraction.

By now you may have either seen the movie, “The Secret”, or you have heard it referred to it several times by friends and associates. This movie talks about the law of attraction and how to create a path for getting what you want out of life.

Although this is a fairly new movie, the law of attraction has been in place for thousands of years. The movie demonstrates that the law of attraction is dependent upon the energy we release. If we put out a positive energy, we receive positive results. When we put out negative energy, we receive negative results. Although this seems simplistic, you can see it at work in your day to day life.

To utilize this method of attraction in your business, set aside several hours to brainstorm and then create your attraction action plan.

Find a pad of paper and answer four questions:

1. Who is my perfect customer? Make this a long laundry list of everything you can think of that makes up your ideal client. Include characteristics, beliefs, thoughts, motivations or qualities. For instance, is your perfect customer light-hearted, or serious? Does he have a belief that bills should be paid before they are due, or when he has the time? What do they do for work and with whom? Do he have an interest in the success of your business, or does that matter?

2. What does my perfect customer need from me? Your ideal customer will quite often have a similar mission as you, as well as similar values, so ask yourself a series of questions: what keeps you awake at night when you can’t get to sleep, what gets you up in the morning, what is more important to you than anything else, etc. You are looking for motivations and values that you will later use in developing, refining or presenting your products and services.

3. What type of a business owner will I be for my model client? Now that you have identified your ideal client, how do you want to provide your product or service? Why would your perfect client want to work with you, rather than someone else? What makes you special? What would your ideal client expect from you?

Another idea is to ask yourself how you want to run your business. Here you are really describing how your perfect customer will want you to act, be, or do. What boundaries do you need to set in place so that you can best serve your ideal customer?

Finally, list all of the products or services you want to provide for your perfect customer, including how and where you provide them, pricing, sales method, etc.

4. What do I choose to do to better serve my perfect customer? By answering the questions in #1 and #2, you identified your ideal client. In #3, you wrote out how you want to do business and what you want to provide to, or for, the customer. What things did you discover in #3 that you now wish to improve, so that your perfect customer is attracted to you and your business.

As an example, if you identified in #3 that your perfect customer would like some follow up after the sale, and you recognize that you are inconsistent with that, this is an area of improvement. Develop an action plan. Determine what you are going to do for follow up and get the system in place.

By completing these four simple steps, you will attract the kind of clients you want. You will know where to locate them and how to draw them to your business. You will also understand how to complement what your clients seek with the services or products you offer. Finally, you will have developed a plan of action to improve areas in your business that you recognized in the four-step process. Now you are on your way to attracting the perfect customer to you.